Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam
Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam

Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam

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Nobody knows what will happen when we take trips. Whether it’s going to work, going home, driving to a party, travel, and a lot more situations… it’s hard to tell whether you’ll get in an accident or not. It’s always best to be ready always!

That’s why we have the“Safety First” Mini pro Wi-Fi 1080p Dash Cam. With state-of-the-art voice recognition software, recording your trips has never been easier… AND SAFER!

Simply tell the camera the appropriate voice command and it starts recording FULL HD footage of your drive. PLUS, you can set it up to wirelessly upload to your smartphone to quickly save the footage when needed.

  • 70 Minutes of FULL HD 1080p recording
  • Super wide 130 degrees FOV
  • Clear capture whether it’s day or night
  • Features a SONY IMX323 image sensor for maximum clarity
  • Comes with a FREE App for you to monitor the footage through your phone


  • Voice Control The Smart Car Dash Camera can recognize human voice and make a quick response, which frees hands while driving for a safer and fun driving. Voice command is only available when the app is disconnected. Commands available: Take Picture, Record Video, Record Without Sound, Record With Sound, Turn On Wi-Fi, Turn Off Wi-Fi.
  • Emergency Recording When the built-in G-Sensor detects a collision the Smart Car Dash Camera will automatically record the emergency situation and save the videos separately to prevent the video from being overwritten. Prove to help with car insurance claims. 
  • Built-In Wifi With a built-in wireless module, you can watch live streaming videos, playback and download recording files whenever and wherever you are. 
  • 1080P HD & 130° Wide Angle The Smart Car Dash Camera provides a super clear view of the whole road featuring 130° ultra wide-angle to reduce blind spots and obtain full 3 lane coverage. The HDR technique solves the contrast of light source, improves the quality and clarity of the view on the screen, even at night. Pick up valuable information on the road.
  • Loop Recording  The Smart Car Dash Camera will automatically overwrite the oldest footage with latest ones so that memory card can work normally.

    UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!

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