Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment
Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment
Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment
Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment
Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment


Moonlyy - Hair Dryer Attachment


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✅Perfect Fitting - The Bonnet Buddy is equipped with an adjustable chin strap allowing it to fit unique heads and optimally dry your hair. The hose connector will fit almost any size hand held hair dryer making a salon out of your home setup.
✅Heat Distribution - Our bonnet dryer attachment is made with strategically placed holes to maximize heat distribution, drying your hair evenly and efficiently.
✅Versatility - The Bonnet Buddy is the perfect size for almost any hairstyle and/or hair accessory (rollers, clips, flexirods, etc). The width of the hood is 15 inches and the height is 11 inches with a hose length of 40 inches for maximum mobility.
✅Excellent for Traveling - The Bonnet Buddy’s size and the fact it comes with a pouch makes it perfect for taking your home salon on all your trips.
✅Made to Last - The Bonnet Buddy is made with a high-quality waterproof hand washable material that is sure to stand the test of time and many uses.



Care for your hair with our state of the art hood bonnet hair dryer attachment, the Bonnet Buddy. The Bonnet Buddy is a professional grade hair dryer attachment that is practical, easy to use, and extremely comfortable. It is designed with a durable waterproof material that will stand the test of time and countless drying sessions.

It is designed to fit virtually anyone’s hair with or without curlers, not to mention it’s travel size. Each bonnet is equipped with an adjustable strap that allows it to fit perfectly to your individual head and dry your hair at an optimal rate. This hair bonnet is excellent for quick drying and flawless diffusion. It can be used for conditioning treatments or with rollers/rods. This hood dryer attachment is the perfect travel buddy for quick drying helping you achieve your best styles.



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